Smokai Kamado Starter Kit

From $249.00 NZD

The most effective wood fired smoking solution available for your M, L or XL Kamado grill whether you're a proud owner of a Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, Louisiana, or any other brand of clay or ceramic Kamado.

Mounts to your Kamado style grill and can be removed in seconds.

The kit includes: Smokai 1L Classic Smoke Generator + Smokai Kamado Adaptor.

  • Cold smoke or add more smoke when hot smoking your favorite cut.
  • Dial in your preferred smoke volume from light to heavy
  • 1 Litre capacity - for up to 12 hours smoking time.
  • Use woodchip (2-10mm) or 100% flavorwood BBQ pellets.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand since 2011.
  • Choose from the Smokai mains powered option, or the cordless USB rechargeable battery option giving you up to 40Hr on one charge (also available as an optional add-on).

Before you get set up, check it can be mounted to your Kamado Grill:

  • Compatible with Medium to XXL Kamado grills on stands.
  • Kamado must have a long rectangular sliding lower air intake.
  • Won't fit "built-in" Kamado grills, like the ones in custom outdoor kitchens or stand alone tables.
  • Won't fit Kamado shaped grills made of steel. 
  • Not compatible with electronically controlled Kamado grills.
Made in New Zealand Smokai Modular System TM Control Smoke Volume   Built to Last

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How to Use

Once you’ve mounted your Smokai 1-Litre Classic to your Kamado Grill, you can start smoking. It’s really easy. 

STEP 1. Fill the hopper with you preferred woodchip or hardwood pellets. 

STEP 2. Turn on the pump and adjust to high volume 

STEP 3. Light with a match or lighter and watch in amazement for a few minutes (there will be a ludicrous volume of smoke on high) 

STEP 4. Crack open a beer and adjust to your preferred smoke volume

Get Smoking

Designed to smoke for up to 12* hours, the Smokai Classic makes cold smoking a breeze and can supply a controllable volume of quality, fresh wood smoke when hot** smoking. 

The variable speed air pump gives you control of the smoke volume ensuring you don’t over smoke your food which is often the case with other smoking systems.

Fresh wood is gravity fed to the burn with ash settling on the base, ready to quickly empty after your smoke.

The smoking time is dependent on the wood fuel type (chip, pellets), variety (hickory, maple, etc), pump speed and the ambient environment.

* Using 100% flavorwood BBQ pellets with the pump set to its lowest speed.

** A separate heat source is required when hot smoking.

Key Features

Made In New Zealand: Invented and made in New Zealand since 2011.  We put importance on attention to detail, quality control to provide a high quality product. 

Smokai-Modular-System:  Invented by our founders, the modular design of our Smoke Generators makes mounting, assembly, disassembly, ash disposal and cleaning super quick and easy. The precision engineered, heavy duty components lock together in seconds.

Hopper:  The hopper holds the woodchip or BBQ pellets which are gravity fed to the burn.

Control Your SmokeThe variable speed air pump can be adjusted to control the volume smoke, from a light to heavy smoke producing the very best results.  

Power Options:  Choose from a mains powered pump or our wireless, rechargeable battery powered pump for off-grid smoking. Take your setup to the beach, holiday home, camp or on the road with ease.

304L Hygeinic Stainless Steel:  There is stainless and there is stainless.  Smokai uses the very best, locally sourced, certified, hygienic 304L stainless steel.

Silicone Air Tube:  Made from high-temperature, food-safe silicone, the air tube connects the air pump to the Smoke Generator.

Hardwood Lid:  We chose to include a hardwood lid, not steel, so that it seats well on the hopper and can safely be removed by hand during the smoke to check the level of smoking wood or refill.

Flat Base: The flat base provides an alternative option to fixing the unit using the built-in mounting bracket.  If your setup allows, you can simply rest the unit on a shelf or the ground and line up the smoke outlet to the hole entering your smoking chamber.

  • Hopper Capacity 1 Litre / 1 Quart.
  • Holds approximately 300gr / 10.5oz woodchip.
  • Up to 12* hours continuous smoking on one load (dependent on wood type, wood variety, pump speed and ambient environment).
  • 1 Kg (2.2 lb) of manuka wood chip will provide approximately 12 hours of smoking time (on a low pump setting). 

Power options include:

  • 110-120V AC 60Hz, 3.5W 
  • 220-240v AC 50Hz, 3.5W
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, 6000mAh, up to 50Hrs per charge 
What's in the Box
  • Smokai 1 Litre Classic Smoke Generator
  • Kamado Grill Adaptor (for Smokai 1 Litre Classic)
  • Hardwood lid
  • Variable speed air pump
  • Food safe, high temperature silicone air tube
  • 304 stainless steel fasteners
  • 26 page owners manual

Trusted Worldwide

With over 96% 5 Star Ratings, our Smoke Generators are trusted everyday around the world by fisherman, hunters, pit masters, BBQ champions, home smoking enthusiasts, celebrity chefs and more good folk. Doing things the right way is in our DNA and our mission is to help you create legendary flavour every time!

Joseph Clarke / NZ

Loving the off grid portability of the Smokai Cordless Battery Air Pump. With the variable speeds it can set the smokai and left to do what it does best. 10/10 thank you Smokai!

Leigh Trostel / USA

Today was the maiden voyage for my new one liter cold smoker. It was easy to convert it to the Kamado adapter and mount the whole unit on the lower inlet window. It lit easily and produces an abundance of smoke. It is very responsive to changes in the variable air pump speed. I haven't used it yet on a product but I am already very pleased that I found out about your products

Brad Dennis / USA

No more guessing how much wood chunks; just great clean smoke for 4 hour cooks. Best add on device for the Egg. Have done four cooks in a week and look forward to many more with Smokai. Works perfectly. Good clean smoke.