Mount to your Wooden Smokehouse

Gone are the days of having to spend the time to make a stand alone fire pit and dig a channel to direct and cool the smoke to your smokehouse.  

The Traditional Smokehouse

For centuries, wooden smokehouses have been utilised to smoke meat and fish.

A Smokai Smoke Generator pays respect to this tradition while taking the production of smoke to a whole new level.

To mount your Smokai Smoke Generator, simply drill a hole* into the bottom of your smokehouse and attach the smoke generator with the two bolts suppled.  

The Smokai Magnum and Monster Smoke Generators are the perfect match for your smokehouse. The Smokai Classic is also a good match for small smokehouses.

The choice of Smoke Generator depends on two parameters: Smokehouse size (smoke volume required) and the required smoking time on one load.

We recommend using the Smokai Product Selection tool to choose the best Smokai solution for your Wooden Smokehouse.

*Hole Diameters Required for Wooden Smokehouses:

Smokai Classic Smoke Generator: 30mm or 1 1/4”
Smokai Magnum and Monster Smoke Generators: 55mm or 2 3/16”

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