Smokai provides you with the benefits that you would expect from a dedicated hot smoker and more including the ability to cold smoke your hard earned fish, game or quality cut from the butcher. 

  • Save money - no need to purchase a seperate smoker
  • Cold smoke or hot smoke. Low and slow.
  • Temperature control using your BBQ/Grill burners.
  • Supply of a consistent, controllable volume of fresh wood fired smoke from your Smoke Generator.
  • Your BBQ/Grill hood enables you to create sufficient airflow around the food.

There are two options to mount a Smokai Smoke Generator to a hooded BBQ/Grill. The best option depends on your particular make of BBQ/Grill. Read more below.

Option 1. Smokai Rotisserie Bracket Mount

This Smokai Adaptor has been designed to slide your Smokai 1L Classic Smoke Generator over the vertical rotisserie motor bracket of your hooded BBQ/Grill. This makes attachment/detachment super quick and easy.

Check compatibility below to determine if this option will work with your BBQ/Grill.

  • Designed to fit 7.5cm (3”) wide vertical rotisserie motor brackets (will not fit horizontal brackets).
  • The rotisserie hole entering your BBQ must be at least 20mm or 13/16" in diameter for the Smoke Generator to fit.
  • The gap between your rotisserie bracket and hood must be less than 70mm.
  • You cannot use the rotisserie motor with this adaptor in place.
  • Compatible with the Smokai Classic Smoke Generator only.
  • Not compatible with the Smokai Magnum or Monster Smoke Generators.
  • Not compatible with horizontal rotisserie motor brackets.

Option 2. Retrofit to your BBQ/Grill

Check compatibility below:

You can retrofit any model of Smokai Smoke Generator to your BBQ/Grill. 

The most popular option for these small chambers is the Smokai Classic Smoke Generator.  However, many Smokai Customers have retrofitted the larger models for a ludicrous smoke volume and longer smoke on one load.

To retrofit, you simply need to choose a suitable area on the side of the BBQ/Grill to drill a hole* to accept the smoke outlet tube and attach with the two small bolts provided.  Alternatively, you can rest the Smoke Generator on the side tray (if it's metal) and not use the hardware at all.   

*Hole Diameters Required:
Smokai Classic Smoke Generator: 20mm or 13/16"
Smokai Magnum and Monster Smoke Generators: 40mm or 1 1/2"

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