Whether you hunt, fish or love cooking meat on the barbecue, you probably strive to become better at it.  Smoking should be approached in the same way – it is after all the ultimate way for a man to serve up that hard-fought fish, game or quality meat from the butcher.  But, to produce a legendary flavour, you must select the right tools, the right smoking wood and develop a sound understanding of the craft.  




You’ll notice the high quality, attention to detail
and precision finish that has made SMOKAI® smoke
generators so popular. Fired up SMOKAI® smoke
generators produce a consistent volume of
quality, cool, natural wood fired smoker that
delivers legendary flavour every time.


Find out more about exactly what makes
Smokai smoke generators so legendary.

The smoking wood used influences the final colour and flavour of the smoked food. Wherever possible, our wood flavours are available in three different "cuts" - Sawdust, Woodchip or Smoking Pellets.




There’s just something about Smoked Food. It’s the ultimate cooking method for man. Get it right, it's bragging food. Get it right consistently, you're a Legend!

Al Brown.
Legend of many things.