Mount to a Hive

One day after a long day on the water, we were sitting around the fire debating what would make an ideal, economical cold smoker. A bee was crawling around the neck of a mates beer. This little worker gave us the answer.

Converting a Hive into a Cold Smoker

The Hive Smoker is a great cold smoker in so many ways:

  • It’s modular, so it's completely scalable - the larger you want it the more stories you add.
  • It's constructed from untreated pine or cedar.
  • It's constructed from standard Bee Hive parts that are available from apiary suppliers in most cities.
  • Ventilation holes can be easily drilled to allow sufficient air flow through the hive which is essential for a good quality smoke.
  • The inside top ‘lip’ on each story has a recess on which you can place your smoking racks or dowels if you are hanging your food.
  • You can swap the position of the stories during smoking if desired.

The Smokai 1L Smoke Generator is the perfect model for a converted hive.

The hive smoker is so simple, it's brilliant!  It takes less than an hour to construct. 

Mounting Instructions:

All Smokai Smoke Generators feature the Smokai-Modular-System™.  This is a mount based system, meaning the mount has been built into the product.  It also makes assembly, disassembly, ash disposal and cleaning super quick and easy. 

STEP 1: Drill a hole* into the bottom story of your hive and attach your Smokai 1L Classic Smoke Generator with the two bolts suppled.  

*Hole Diameters Required

Smokai Classic Smoke Generator: 30mm or 1 1/4”

STEP 2: Install two air vents to create sufficient airflow through the hive; one on the bottom story and one on the top story (the Smokai Adjustable Vent is ideal).