You can now use your hooded BBQ / Grill to cold smoke as well as hot smoke your you hard earned fish or game.  This setup provides you with the benefits that you would expect from a dedicated smoker and more.
  • Control of the temperature using the BBQ / Grill gas burners.
  • Control of the smoke volume through the Smoke Generator.
  • The Smoke Generator will supply a consistent, controllable quality of fresh wood fired smoke.
  • The hooded BBQ / Grill enables you to create sufficient airflow around the food.

To mount to your Smoke Generator to a hooded BBQ / Grill you have two options:


The Smokai® Quick-Mount™ rotisserie adaptor has been designed to slide your Smokai® 1/2L or 1L Smoke Generator over the rotisserie motor bracket of your hooded gas BBQ / Grill. This makes attachment/detachment super quick and easy.

  • Designed to fit 7.5cm (3”) wide rotIsserie motor brackets.
  • The rotisserie hole entering your BBQ MUST be at least 22mm in diameter for the Smoke Generator to fit.
  • You cannot use the rotisserie motor with this adaptor in place.
  • Compatible with the Smokai® 1/2L and 1L Smoke Generators only.
  • Not compatible with the 3L Magnum or 4L Rocket Smoke Generators.




 You can custom mount any model of Smokai® Smoke Generator to your BBQ / Grill. 

The best option for these small chambers is the  1/2L or 1L Smoke Generator.  However, many Customers have retrofitted the larger models for a ludicrous smoke volume and longer smoke.

To custom mount, you simply need to choose an area on the side of the BBQ / Grill to drill a 20-25mm (8/10"-1") hole to accept the smoke outlet tube and attach with the two small bolts provided.  Alternatively, you can rest the Smoke Generator on the side tray (if it's metal) and not use the hardware at all.