Hardwood Smoking (or BBQ) Pellets are relatively new in New Zealand.  These 100% natural hardwood pellets are great for Smokers as well as Wood Pellet Grills

Their high density means they burn hotter, but smoke for longer than Sawdust or Woodchips.   

Every bag we deliver contains only 100% natural Hardwood Pellets with no additives or artificial binders. Pressurisation causes the naturally occuring lignin in the wood to plastify slightly, forming a natural "glue" that holds the pellet together as it cools.

Given our bags are resealable, you can ensure that it remains a damn fine product after the first smoke.

  • Premium, 100% all-natural hardwood Smoking Pellets
  • Fresh, de-barked logs are cut into Sawdust
  • Sawdust is kiln dried and then compacted under high pressure to form a uniform pellet
  • Smoulders cleanly & evenly to produce a consistent volume of quality smoke

Smoking Methods:
Suitable for these Smokers:
HOT or COLD Smoking
Wood Pellet Grills
Charcoal Smokers (sprinkle method)
Smoke Boxes
Gas Smokers (wood pan type)
Electric Smokers (wood pan type)

Available in a range of great wood flavours in resealable 3.0 Kg bags.

NOTE: All Smokai smoking woods, including smoking pellets, are only available for shipping within New Zealand.