Step 1

Mount your Smokai Smoke Generator to your smokehouse, BBQ, grill, smoker conversion, upright smoker or any other suitable smoking chamber.

Step 2

Load your favorite flavor of woodchip or hardwood BBQ pellets, turn on the pump and light.

Step 3

Dial in your preferred volume of smoke. Sit back, crack open a cold beer and relax.

Step 4

Let rest, then serve to your family and friends (it won't last long).

Meet Smokai

Used everyday around the world by home smoking enthusiasts, fisherman, hunters, charcutiers, pit masters, celebrity chefs and many other good folk.
Made in New Zealand | Precision-Engineered | Heavy-Duty | Easy & Convenient | Versatile | Controllable | Reliable | Economical

If you're mounting your Smokai Smoke Generator to a BBQ/Grill, you may need an adaptor:
Hooded BBQ/Grill | Kamado Style Grill | Weber Q Grill


Rating from 96% of our Reviews

All reviews are verified purchasers

"I have smoked brisket, chicken, lamb and ribs and they have all come out great. I have tried various other ways to smoke on my grill but this is by far the best and also the easiest."

Jon S. - United States

"This unit is awesome. The cold smoked cheese and trout is some of the best I have ever eaten."

Brent G. - New Zealand

"Excellent product and service - this is the second unit I have purchased; the first I gave to my brother because they are so good!"

Andrew Foster - Australia

BBQ's & Grills

Smokai makes cold, or hot smoking easy, at home, on your BBQ/Grill.

Hooded BBQ/Grill Weber Q™ BBQ/Grill Kamado Grill Pellet Grill Kettle Grill


Fill your Smokehouse with quality, controllable, natural wood-fired smoke.

Wooden Smokehouse Metal Smokehouse Block/Brick Smokehouse


Easily convert a barrel, hive, fridge or even shed into a serious smoker.

Barrel Smoker Hive Smoker Fridge Smoker

Upright Smokers

Add quality smoke to your existing upright smoker or smoker chamber.

Upright Smoker

Which Smoke Generator is right for you?

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Why Smokai?

With over 96% 5 Star ratings, our Smoke Generators are trusted everyday around the world by fisherman, hunters, pit masters, BBQ champions, home smoking enthusiasts, celebrity chefs and many more good folk.

  • Made in New Zealand since 2011
  • Food Safe Hygienic 304L Stainless
  • Smart modular designs
  • Precision-engineered components
  • Versatile, easy to use & convenient
  • Various mounting options
  • Controllable
  • Reliable
  • Economical
  • Great customer service

Doing things right is what we do. Our Smoke Generators are engineered and manufactured in New Zealand to last a lifetime and be passed to the next generation. The Smokai range consists of 3 models. Once fired up, they produce a consistent volume of quality, cool, natural wood fired smoke for hours at a time.

You're In Good Company

Al Brown

Fisherman, Outdoorsman, Celebrity Chef, Author, Restauranteur.

"If you like giving things a go yourself and using gear you can trust, I'll stand behind Smokai any day. Simple to use, and all you need, Smokai Smoke Generators are fantastic for smoking how you want to and everything you want to!"

Josh James

Hunter, Fisherman, Outdoorsman, Film Maker, Discovery Channel 'Dual Survivor'

"It is a great product in every respect! The design, build quality and performance is exceptional. I've been using the Magnum solidly for 7 years.  It lives outside attached to my smokehouse and it's as good today as the first time I used it." 

Ron Goodman & Greg Casten

Restauranteurs, Entrepreneurs.

"Our Smokai Smoke Generators are an invaluable addition to the Ivy City Smokehouse Tavern in Washington DC. They provide us with the control and flexibility we demand in our Smoking process to deliver our Customers delicious, freshly smoked seafood at the Tavern every day."

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