Did you know you can easily create high quality smoked food on your BBQ/Grill?

Add ccool, quality smoke to your favourite meals.

Our Smoke Generators are engineered to last a lifetime and be passed on to the next generation. Once mounted to your BBQ and fired up, they produce a consistent volume of quality, cool, natural wood-fired smoke resulting in legendary flavor every time.

- Give your leg of lamb a smokey twist
- Impress guests with a uniquely flavoured dishes
- Hot or cold smoke your favourite fish
- Smoke cheese for your summer platters
- Smoke butter for those crispy roast potatoes
- Pack up your BBQ Smoker and head to the beach or holiday home

We recommend the 1 Litre Classic Smoke Generator for most family sizes BBQs.

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Start smoking on your BBQ/Grill

Why Choose Smokai?

Made in New Zealand from locally certified Hygenic 304L Grade Stainless Steel.

Easily fits to your hooded BBQ, Weber Q, barrel, kamado, hive, metal smokebox, smokehouse, shed or fridge.

Hot or cold smoke - temperature control with your bbq/grill burners.

Consistent, controllable, natural wood-fired smoke for legendary flavour every time.

Smokai-Modular-System™ - makes mounting and cleaning super quick and easy.

We live and breathe this pastime and lifestyle. We work with fishermen, hunters, butchers, and small goods businesses to refine our craft and offerings.

Start smoking on your BBQ/Grill

Making Memories...

For over 10 years we have proudly provided home smoking enthusiasts (along with a list of thriving commercial users) worldwide, with the gear and knowledge to create amazing food through quality smoke.

Our Smoke Generators are a simple, safe and effective tool that will turn your BBQ into a serious smoking solution.

We know that the best smoke generator is the one that lasts you a lifetime, one you hand down to the next generation, one that allows you to create meals you enjoy, share and remember.

We are proud to see our products being used by people from all walks of life, all over the world.

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We live and breathe this lifestyle...

We're fishermen, hunters, gatherers, foodies, inventors, and passionate business people. It makes sense that our awesome community, customers, and resellers are cut from the same cloth. We pride ourselves on our unrelenting foundation of quality, integrity and innovation.

We believe that the hard yards put in on the water, in the hills, or just walking to the store and back, should be rewarded. Rewarded by crafting the raw ingredients into memorable smoked food that will be enjoyed, shared, and talked about.

Our mission is to provide you with the right tools, woods, resources and knowledge to produce legendary results when cold or hot smoking your fish, game, or meat. Our passion is to nurture and offer value to our community that shares a love for this pastime and lifestyle.

We do everything ourselves from start to finish here in New Zealand. We're a bit obsessed with quality. Compare our products and you'll see what we mean.

Remember… legendary flavour begins with quality smoke.

Image - Smokai Co-Founder, Tony Parton

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