Mount to a Pellet Grill

Add a Smokai Smoke Generator to your Pellet Grill for extra smoke, or for the added function of cold smoking.

Transform your Pellet Grill

Convert your Pellet Grill into a versatile smoker capable of both cold and hot smoking.

To retrofit, you will need to drill a hole (or utilising an existing one - like a probe/exhaust port) for the Smoke Generator Smoke Output Tube to enter the grill. We supply our Smoke Generators with two M5 SS bolts for attaching the Smoke Generator, so two small holes will also need to be drilled.

For inspiration, check out the Smokai Customer Pellet Grill installations below.

The hole diameter required for your Smokai Smoke Output Tube depends on your Smoke Generator model:

Smokai Classic Smoke Generator: 20mm or 13/16"

Smokai Magnum and Monster Smoke Generators: 40mm or 1 1/2"


  • We recommend running the smoke generator on the highest pump setting when hot smoking on a pellet grill.
  • Good airflow is critical to circulate and clear excess smoke, which helps the smoke penetrate the food and prevents back pressure (which can impact the performance of your Smoke Generator).
  • Always ensure that there is a good amount of smoke visibly escaping through the grill's chimney and lid; prop open the lid slightly if necessary.

#SmokaiFamily Feedback

Don't just take our word for it...

"I added a Smokai 3L Magnum to my Pitt Boss Competition pellet grill/smoker I removed the original end shelf to allow space for the Smokai install. The brackets for the shelf are removable should I wish to replace it. The bracket included with the Smokai worked well and the hood opens and closes without a problem. The original shelf was seldom used and I believe I'll not be removing the Smokai within the foreseeable future. The addition of the Smokai has allowed my family to enjoy real wood-fired smoked pizza. The only real way to smoke a pizza is cold smoke! Then fire the burner and crisp it up under a dome. The Smokai Magnum has made a great grill/smoker into a much more versatile and consistently enjoyable piece of equipment. Being able to get long burn times using pellets is a great convenience. You don't need chips or pucks just the pellets the grill generally consumed. Also, you can add and mix your wood combinations especially on low and slow. I can put a mix into the hopper on the grill and add an accent wood into the Smokai. Just this evening we had beef bulgogi. I put the cast iron pan with the marinated beef on with the Smokai loaded with just enough pecan with oak for a couple hours. I stirred the meat in the pan every 15 minutes so it would evenly smoke. then I fired the grill and finished the cook in my cast iron skillet. The Smokai is a great quality product built by people who live and love the grilling outdoor life. Very glad to have found it."

Patrick Johnson in Duncan Oklahoma, USA

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