Smokai 1L Classic Adaptor for M, L, XL Kamado Grills

$49.00 CAD

The Smokai Kamado Adaptor allows you to mount your Smokai 1L Classic Smoke Generator to your M, L, XL Kamado grill to cold smoke or add smoke when hot smoking.

The Smoke Generator will supply a consistent, controllable volume of fresh wood fired smoke. The Kamado’s vents ensure sufficient airflow. 

The Adaptor consists of two parts: An extended Mounting Bracket and a V-Plate. When fitted, the Smoke Generator can be easily mounted to one side of the Kamado’s long rectangular lower air intake.

This adaptor is compatible with the Smokai 1-Litre Classic Smoke Generator ONLY.  It is NOT compatible with the 3L Magnum or 4L Monster Smoke Generators. 

Before you get set up, check it can be mounted to YOUR Kamado Grill:

  • It works with cradled clay or ceramic Kamado grills that are Medium to XXL in size.
  • Kamado must have a long rectangular sliding lower air intake
  • Won't fit "built-in" Kamado grills, like the ones in custom outdoor kitchens or stand alone tables.
  • Won't fit Kamado shaped grills made of steel.
  • Not compatible with electronically controlled Kamado grills.

 Construction:  304 Grade Stainless Steel