Smokai 1L Classic Adaptor for Hooded Gas BBQ/Grill Rotisserie Bracket

$35.00 CAD

This adaptor is for mounting the Smokai 1L Classic Smoke Generator to a vertical rotisserie bracket on your hooded BBQ / Grill. 

  • The adaptor enables the 1L Classic Smoke Generator to be attached and detached to the rotisserie bracket with ease. 
  • Designed to fit 7.5cm (3”) wide vertical Rotisserie Brackets (will not fit horizontal brackets).
  • The rotisserie hole entering your BBQ MUST be at least 20mm in diameter for the Smoke Generator to fit.
  • Please measure the gap between the face of your Rotisserie Bracket and the hood of your Grill - this distance must be less than 70mm (2 3/4") for the Smokai Smoke output tube to enter your BBQ/Grill.
  • This adaptor is NOT compatible with the 3L Magnum or 4L Monster Smoke Generators.  The 3L Magnum or 4L Monster may be retrofitted to BBQ/Grills.

Compatibility:  1L Classic Smoke Generator only
Construction:  304 Grade Stainless Steel
Mounting hardware included:  4 x bolts, 4 x nuts, 4 x washers (304 Grade Stainless Steel)