Transform your Weber Q™ into a Versatile Smoker

Add a fresh, wood fired Smoke for hot or cold smoking on your Weber Q.

Using this Smokai Quick-Mount™ Adaptor, you can mount your Smokai 1-Litre Classic Smoke Generator to your Weber® Q™ to cold smoke as well as hot smoke.

This setup provides you with the benefits that you would expect from a dedicated smoker and more, including:

Cold smoke or hot smoke. Low and slow.
Temperature control using the gas burners on your Q™.
Supply of a consistent, controllable volume of fresh wood fired smoke from your Smoke Generator.
Sufficient airflow around the food thanks to the Q™ design.

To mount to your Q™, you require:

  • a Smokai 1-Litre Classic Smoke Generator, AND
  • a Smokai Weber Q Adaptor

The adaptor enables the Smoke Generator to be attached / detached with ease.

One of the removable side trays and/or a handle on your Q™ must be removed to mount and when using the Smoke Generator.

NOT compatible with 'built-in' Weber® Q™ models such as the Q3200 and Q3600.

The Smokai Weber Q Adaptor is NOT compatible with the 3L Magnum or 4L Monster Smoke Generators.

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