The Classic is the original Smokai Smoke Generator that started it all.

Like all Smokai products, its renown for its high quality, precision finish and outstanding performance.  

Fired up, it will deliver a consistent volume of quality, cool, natural wood fired smoke resulting in exceptional flavor every time.

  • Versatile:
    The Smoke Generator can be retrofitted to any suitable food safe structure: a BBQ, grill, wine barrel, hive, smokehouse, electric or gas smoker, old refrigerator, drum, cabinet, etc. Check out our Setups section for tips and ideas.

    Cold Smoking:
    The Smoke Generator produces a consistent, high volume of quality, cool smoke. Whether cold smoking fish, cheese or putting that finishing touch on your hand crafted salami, cold smoking couldn't be easier.

    Hot* Smoking:
    The Smoke Generator is perfect for applying a high volume of quality smoke when Hot Smoking (*a separate heat source is required to cook your food when hot smoking).

    Smoke volume can be adjusted by changing the setting on the air pump.

    The Smoke Generator uses gravity fed Woodchip or Smoking Pellets producing a high volume of smoke per Kg (Lb).

  • Hopper Capacity
    1-Litre (1-Quart / 4 US Cups / 3.5 Imperial Cups) 
    Approximately 300gr (50oz) Woodchip

    Fuel Type
    Woodchip (2-10 millimeter / 0.1-0.4 inch diameter)
    Hardwood Pellets

    Match, BBQ lighter or butane torch

    Maximum Smoker or Smokehouse Size
    16 cubic meters (565 cubic feet)

    Maximum Smoking Time
    Up to 8* hours continuously

    * Smoking time depends on pump setting, wood variety & type of wood fuel used. On Low pump setting approx. 8 hours using Hickory Wood Pellets, 4 hours using Manuka woodchip.

  • Smokai Classic Smoke Generator
    Hardwood Lid
    Air Pump
    Air Hose (food safe silicon)
    Mounting Hardware
    User Manual