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One of our most popular models, the Magnum holds 3 Litres (3 Quarts) of wood to produce up to 24 hours of pure cool natural smoke.



  • Versatile:  Retrofit to any suitable smokehouse setup including wood, brick, block or steel smokehouses.  Check out our Setups section for tips and ideas.

    Cold Smoking: Produces a consistent, high volume of quality, cool smoke. 

    Hot* Smoking: Perfect for applying a high volume of quality smoke when Hot Smoking (*a separate heat source is required to cook your food when hot smoking).

    Economical: The Smoke Generator uses gravity fed woodchip or hardwood pellets producing a high volume of smoke per Kg (Lb).



  • Maximum Smoking Time
    Up to 32* hours continuously

    Hopper Capacity

    4-Litre (1-Quart / 4 US Cups / 3.5 Imperial Cups) 
    Approximately 900gr (50oz) Woodchip

    Fuel Type
    Woodchip (2-10 millimeter / 0.1-0.4 inch diameter)
    Hardwood pellets

    Match, lighter or butane torch

    Maximum Smoker or Smokehouse Size
    16 cubic meters (565 cubic feet)


    * Smoking time depends o a number of factors including (but not limited to) the pump setting, wood variety & type of wood fuel used. On Low pump setting approx. 32 hours using Hickory Wood Pellets, 12 hours using Manuka woodchip.

  • Smokai Monster Smoke Generator

    Hardwood Lid

    Air Pump

    Air Hose (food safe silicon)

    Mounting Hardware

    User Manual

  • The Monster comes ready to install onto your chosen smokehouse setup whether brick, block, wood or steel structure.

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