Smokai offers only the very best quality Smoking Woods. All Smokai woods share the following characteristics:

  • 100% all-natural hardwood
  • Cut from fresh, de-barked logs
  • Dried to a super low moisture content
  • Produce a consistent volume of quality smoke 



We package our smoking wood so that the bag you buy will deliver a great quality smoke and memorable flavour. We aim to make the journey from the tree to your smoker as short as possible because fresh, dehydrated smoking wood makes a big difference - just ask the professionals!  First, we source all of our smoking wood in small batches so it doesn't sit around on a warehouse shelf deteriorating over time.  Then, we package it into resealable bags to help you keep it as fresh as possible. 



We strive to offer the widest range of high quality, premium Smoking Woods in New Zealand. We offer 3 different "cuts" in a number of outstanding flavours. The type of "cut" to be used depends on the type of Smoker.  



Sawdust will burn more slowly than wood chip but faster than wood pellets.  The cut also produces less heat than woodchip or smoking pellets. 

Suitable for:  Portable Fish Smokers, Electric Smokers*, Gas Smokers*, Smoke Boxes.   

Method: Cold or Hot Smoking


Woodchip burns faster than Sawdust or smoking pellets. Because of their larger size, more air/oxygen surrounds the chips which in turns fuels the burn.  

If you soak chips in water for at least 30 minutes before adding them to the fire, you will prolong their burn slightly and they will smoulder more than flame. Soaking won't create more smoke. The water simply steams adding moisture and heat to your smoking process. 

Do not soak chips if you are using a Smoke Generator.  

Suitable for:  Smokai Smoke Generators, Electric Smokers*, Gas Smokers*, Charcoal Smokers, Smoke Boxes.    

Method: Cold or Hot Smoking


Pellets are made by compacting fine, 100% natural hardwood sawdust under extreme pressure. The resulting pellet holds a significant amount of fuel in a small area.  For this reason, smoking pellets burn hotter and more slowly than sawdust or woodchip.  

Pellets are arguably the most economical, cost effective "cut" for smoking food

Suitable for:  Smokai Smoke Generators, Wood Pellet Grills, Electric Smokers*, Gas Smokers*, Charcoal Smokers, Smoke Boxes.    

Method:  Hot or Cold Smoking   


Guide only:

We recommend keeping a spray bottle fill of water close to hand that can be sprayed onto the smoking wood to extinguish or prevent flare ups - these can occur in some smokers in certain circumstances.