The Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator is perfect for turning your hooded BBQ/Grill into a quality smoker.  This setup provides you with the benefits that you would expect from a dedicated hot smoker, including;

  • control of the temperature, 
  • control of the smoke volume, 
  • creating a consistent, uniform burn, and
  • creating sufficient airflow around the food. 

The Smoke Generator can be attached to the rotisserie motor bracket on most hooded BBQ’s  (the hole entering the BBQ needs to be at least 20mm in diameter if you take this approach).  An optional Smokai Rotisserie Bracket Adapter is also available for the 1-Litre Smoke Generator.  This enables the Smoke Generator to be fitted neatly over a standard 3” rotisserie bracket and simply lifted off when finished.  You can also retrofit the Smoke Generator another way that suits your setup.   

With the Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator, your BBQ will take on a whole new level of practicality:

  • General BBQ use: simply leave it on for an amazing natural wood fired taste.  
  • Cold Smoking: simply leave the burners on the BBQ turned off.
  • Hot Smoking: control the temperature using the burners on your hooded BBQ and smoke volume using the Smoke Generator.





We've designed the Smokai Smokehouse for the food smoking enthusiast.  It stands around 2 meters tall and is a meter square at the base and should be constructed out of non-toxic untreated plywood.  There are a lot of these Smoke Houses working hard around New Zealand.

The Smokai 3-Litre Smoke Generator is the perfect match for the Smokehouse.  The Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator works fine too.

The Smokai Smokehouse plans are supplied free (on request) with the purchase of any Smokai Smoke Generator.

Many people add a heat source to their wooden smoke house which should be approached with extreme caution due to the risk of fire.    





One day after a long day on the water, we were chatting around the BBQ.  We were debating what would make the perfect, small, economical cold smoker.  A bee was crawling around the neck of a mates beer bottle.  This little worker gave us the perfect idea - the Smokai Hive Smoker.  It's great in so many ways:

  • The Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator fits simply by drilling a 25mm hole at the base.
  • It's modular, so it's completely scalable - the larger you want it the more stories you add.
  • It's constructed from untreated pine (or cedar).
  • It's constructed from standard Bee Hive parts that are available from apiary suppliers in most major cities.
  • Ventilation holes can be easily drilled to allow draft and air flow which are essential for a good quality smoke.
  • The inside lip on each story has a recess on which you can place your smoking racks or dowels if you are hanging your food.   
  • You can swap the position of the stories during smoking if desired. 
It's so simple, it's brilliant!   Our's took less than an hour to construct.  One word of caution, check for bees that may have found a new home.





Wine barrel smokers are attractive and practical.  They can also make a great centre piece in your court yard or on your deck.  

  • Secure the oak panels to the metal bands both above and below the opening.  
  • Saw the top quarter off the barrel between the bands, making it as even as possible.
  • Screw on a handle and hinge. 
  • Secure wooden or metal tabs on the inside where you intend to place your smoking racks. 
  • The average barrel is capable of taking at least two racks or if you prefer you can hang you food from dowels.
  • Drill several ventilation holes at the top to allow draw and air flow for good quality smoked product.  You can make dampers for these if you wish.

Most barrels have a hole in the middle which offers the perfect fit for either the Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator or the Smokai 3-Litre Smoke Generator.




A tea chest used in conjunction with the Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator makes an inexpensive and completely practical cold smoker.

Any chest greater than 70cm x 70cm should provide sufficient capacity for a quality smoke. 

Constructed properly these cold smokers will give you great results.  Making ventilation holes for airflow are very important to ensure a quality smoked product.  These can be made adjustable for damping control if desired.        






The Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator is ideal for replacing the smouldering wood pans that are inside many of the metal smokers available on the market today. Using a Smokai Smoke Generator, you:

  • can manage the production of smoke from the outside of the smoker (this prevents you having to continuously open the door to see how the wood is burning which results in losing  smoke volume and control of your temperature).
  • have greater control of the temperature, 
  • can control of the smoke volume, 
  • use less wood fuel due to its economical operation, 
  • create a consistent, uniform burn, 
  • keep the food and burnt wood separated and
  • your work area is so much cleaner. 






The Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator is a great alternative to mechanically fed briquette smoke generators that potentially have very high operating costs.  Smokai Smoke Generators;

  • easily retrofit to most leading brands of insulated metal smokers,  
  • are very economical to operate,
  • use any flavour or blend of wood chip or wood pellet you choose,  
  • are very easy to clean,
  • can be used for Cold Smoking without any additional accessories and
  • offer an outstanding level of performance.