We recommend that you check inside after making your first cut, as we've heard of guys striking it lucky by managing to get a few tipples of oak aged whiskey out of their barrels before converting.  For those breaking into a Wine barrel, leave anything that’s left – it’s likely to be corked.

Barrel smokers are practical and easy to make.  They can also double as a great ‘leaner’ on your patio or deck.  


  • Secure the oak panels to the metal bands both above and below the opening.  
  • Saw the top quarter off the barrel between the secured bands, making it as even as possible.
  • Screw on a handle and hinge in your preferred position. 
  • Secure wooden or metal tabs on the inside where you intend to place your smoking racks. 
  • The average barrel is capable of taking at least two racks or if you prefer you can hang you food from dowels.
  • Drill a ventilation hole on the top of the barrel to allow draw and air flow for good quality smoked product.  You can make dampers for these if you wish.


All Smokai® Smoke Generators feature the Smokai® Modular System™.  This is a mount based system, meaning the mount has been built into the product, so you don’t need any other hardware.  

Most barrels have a hole in the middle which offers the perfect fit for any Smokai Smoke Generator.  If you would like to mount the Smoke Generator in another position, drill a hole* into your barrel and attach the smoke generator with the two bolts suppled.  

*Hole Diameters Required:
Smokai® Portable and Classic Smoke Generators: 20mm (0.8“)
Smokai® Magnum and Monster Smoke Generators: 40mm (1.6“)

The Smokai® Modular System™ also makes assembly, disassembly, ash disposal and cleaning super quick and easy.  The precision engineered, heavy duty modular components lock together firmly in seconds.