Mount to a Kamado Style Grill

Use to Cold Smoke or add Smoke when hot smoking on your Kamado grill.

Take your Kamado to another level

The Smokai Kamado Adaptor allows you to mount your Smokai 1L Classic Smoke Generator to your Kamado grill to cold smoke or add more smoke to your Kamado when hot smoking your hard earned fish, game or quality cut from the butcher.

The Smokai 1L Classic will supply a controllable volume of fresh wood fired smoke for up to 12 hours.

The Kamado’s vents ensure sufficient airflow through the Kamado.

The Smokai Kamado Adaptor enables your 1L Classic Smoke Generator to be attached / detached with ease.


- Compatible with Medium to XXL Kamado grills only.

- NOT compatible with "built-in" kamado grills (including kamado grill tables)

- NOT compatible with electronically controlled Kamado grills.

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