Suitable Woodchip and BBQ Pellets AUS

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to choose the most suitable woodchip and/or BBQ pellets to use in your Smokai Smoke Generator.

Our Smokai Premium Woodchip is only available in New Zealand, due to strict quarantine laws in most countries around the world - we can’t export it unfortunately.

Please follow the advice and guidelines below when purchasing your woodchip or BBQ pellets locally:

Suitable Woodchip:

Woodchip for use in your Smokai Smoke Generator should be between 2-10mm in size, sieved to be free from dust, and kiln dried. This type of woodchip is commonly available in retail stores and comes in a range of varieties. Use only hardwood species when smoking food.

The following should not be used whatsoever in your Smoke Generator:

  • Wood chip larger than 10mm in size
  • Wood chunks
  • Wet/soaked wood chip
  • Fine sawdust
  • Softwood such as pine, etc
  • Wood chip from chainsaws or other machinery where the wood chip can be contaminated by oils, grease, etc.

Suitable BBQ Pellets:

Only 100% flavourwood pellets are used. These are wood pellets that are 100% natural varietal hardwood. For example, Hickory is 100% hickory wood, maple is 100% maplewood, etc. Some brands of pellets use one variety of hardwood (generally the least expensive that can be sourced) and then use flavourings to add different wood flavours. This flavouring causes the pellets to be 'sticky' and should not be used in your Smokai Smoke Generator.