All of our Smoke Generators feature the Smokai-Modular-System™, which incorporates a built in mount that makes it easy to attach the Smoke Generator to your setup.

You can also use one of our Quick-Mount™ adaptors if you're mounting to your grill.


Sourcing only the finest smoking wood is what we do. Because that’s a proven recipe for creating quality smoke and legendary flavour.

•          Premium, 100% all-natural hardwood

•          Sourced from renewable sources

•          Cut from fresh, de-barked logs

•          Kiln dried to a super low moisture content

•          Resealable bag to retain quality

Smokai Wood Products are only available for shipping in New Zealand

We invented the original 1 Litre Smoke Generator to provide like minded blokes around the world a better way to smoke. One that is over engineered to last a lifetime and be past to the next generation. The range now consists of 4 models. Fired up, they produce a consistent volume of quality, cool, natural wood fired smoke resulting in legendary flavor every time.


Used everyday around the world by fisherman, hunters, pit masters, BBQ champions, home smoking enthusiasts, celebrity chefs and many more good men.
Heavy-Duty  |  Precision-Engineered  |  Easy & Convenient  |  Versatile  |  Controllable  |  Reliable  |  Economical

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