Alle unsere Rauchgeneratoren verfügen über das Smokai-Modular-System ™, das eine integrierte Halterung enthält, mit der Sie den Rauchgenerator einfach an Ihrem Setup befestigen können.

Sie können auch einen unserer Quick-Mount ™ -Adapter verwenden, wenn Sie an Ihrem Grill montieren.


Wir beschaffen nur feinstes Räucherholz. Denn das ist ein bewährtes Rezept für die Herstellung von Qualitätsrauch und legendärem Geschmack.

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One day after a long day on the water, we were sitting around the fire debating what would make an ideal, economical cold smoker. A bee was crawling around the neck of a mates beer bottle. This little worker gave us the perfect idea - the Hive Smoker. It's great in so many ways:

  • It’s modular, so it's completely scalable - the larger you want it the more stories you add.
  • It's constructed from untreated pine or cedar.
  • It's constructed from standard Bee Hive parts that are available from apiary suppliers in most cities.
  • Ventilation holes can be easily drilled to allow sufficient air flow through the hive which is essential for a good quality smoke.
  • The inside top ‘lip’ on each story has a recess on which you can place your smoking racks or dowels if you are hanging your food.
  • You can swap the position of the stories during smoking if desired.

The most popular options for the hive smoker is the Smokai Bullet and Classic Smoke Generators.  However, you can also mount the larger models if desired.

The hive smoker is so simple, it's brilliant!  It takes less than an hour to construct. 


All Smokai Smoke Generators feature the Smokai-Modular-System™.  This is a mount based system, meaning the mount has been built into the product.  It also makes assembly, disassembly, ash disposal and cleaning super quick and easy.  The precision engineered, heavy duty modular components lock together firmly in seconds.

STEP 1: Drill a hole* into the bottom story of your hive and attach the smoke generator with the two bolts suppled.  

*Hole Diameters Required:
Smokai Bullet and Classic Smoke Generators: 20mm (0.8“)
Smokai Magnum and Monster Smoke Generators: 40mm (1.6“)

STEP 2: Install two air vents to create sufficient airflow through the hive; one on the bottom story and one on the top story.



- für einen hölzernen Bienenstock -

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