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Our Smoke Generators are used everyday around the world by fisherman, hunters, small-goods companies, smoke houses, pit masters, BBQ champions, home smoking enthusiasts, celebrity chefs and many other good folk.

Manufactured in New Zealand | Precision-Engineered | Heavy-Duty | Easy & Convenient | Versatile | Controllable | Reliable | Economical

Best Smoke Generator Smokai

All of our Smoke Generators feature the Smokai-Modular-System™, which incorporates a built in mount that makes it easy to attach the Smoke Generator to your preferred setup to get up and smoking.

We also offer a range of Quick-Mount™ adaptors if you're mounting to your BBQ / Grill.


    Sourcing only the finest smoking wood is what we do. Because that’s a proven recipe for creating quality smoke and legendary flavour.

    • - Premium, 100% all-natural hardwood
    • - Sourced from renewable sources
    • - Cut from fresh, de-barked logs
    • - Kiln dried to a super low moisture content
    • - Resealable bag to keep it fresh

    Hot Smoked Turkey Breast

    Smoked turkey breast is a flavorful and tender alternative to traditional roasted turkey. The smoking process infuses the turkey with a delicious smoky flavor and creates a crispy and golden brown skin. The spice rub adds a wonderful depth of flavor, with hints of paprika, garlic, onion, thyme, rosemary, and black pepper. This recipe can be adapted to suit your preferences, and you can experiment with different types of wood chips to create different flavors. Serve the smoked turkey breast as a main dish for a special occasion or use the leftovers in sandwiches, salads, or soups.

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