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Our Smoke Generators are used everyday around the world by fisherman, hunters, small-goods companies, smoke houses, pit masters, BBQ champions, home smoking enthusiasts, celebrity chefs and many other good folk.

Manufactured in New Zealand | Precision-Engineered | Heavy-Duty | Easy & Convenient | Versatile | Controllable | Reliable | Economical

Best Smoke Generator Smokai

All of our Smoke Generators feature the Smokai-Modular-System™, which incorporates a built in mount that makes it easy to attach the Smoke Generator to your preferred setup to get up and smoking.

We also offer a range of Quick-Mount™ adaptors if you're mounting to your BBQ / Grill.


    Sourcing only the finest smoking wood is what we do. Because that’s a proven recipe for creating quality smoke and legendary flavour.

    • - Premium, 100% all-natural hardwood
    • - Sourced from renewable sources
    • - Cut from fresh, de-barked logs
    • - Kiln dried to a super low moisture content
    • - Resealable bag to keep it fresh


    We've answered the most frequently asked questions from the Smokai Community to provide you with the fastest response possible to your question. However, if you still need help then please contact us at


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    Please note that these shipping times are based on average delivery times we are currently seeing and are not guaranteed.  Often shipping times are quicker than indicated below.


    New Zealand

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    DHL Express 2-5 days

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    Other Countries

    DHL Express 3-7 days


    Smokai Smoke Generators are made in New Zealand.  We sources our stainless steel from reputable NZ Steel Mills.  All of the steel we use is certified, hygenic 304 stainless steel.


    Being NZ made means that we have absolute control over the quality of our material, fabrication and assembly.  


    Everything you need to start smoking is included, apart from the chamber that you have decided to attach the Smoke Generator to and the wood you decide to use as fuel. 


    • Smokai Smoke Generator in 304 certifies hygenic stainless steel
    • Baffle (3L Magnum and 4L Monster only)
    • Hardwood lid
    • Smokai Air Pump
    • Food safe, high temperature air tube
    • Mounting hardware
    • Comprehensive user manual


    Please note that the woodchip and leather mat featured in this image are for illustrative purposes only.

    We supply 304 stainless bolts, washers and nuts to attach the mounting bracket when retrofitting your Smoke Generator to your smoking chamber.  This is ideal for a majority of installations.  Once the mounting bracket is secured to the chamber, it can be left in place. 


    To empty ash or clean the unit, you simply twist off the smoke tube (and baffle if you have a Magnum or Monster model), then you twist off the hopper.  It takes seconds and makes cleaning the unit very easy.  These steps are followed in reverse to re-assemble, again taking only seconds.  When dis-assembling, make sure the unit has cooled sufficiently and place something suitable under the mounting bracket to catch the ash.


    If you are mounting to BBQ/Grill, you may need a Smokai Quick-Mount Adaptor.   Smokai Quick-Mount Adaptors are compatible with the Smokai 1 Litre Classic Smoke Generator.  These include:


    Weber Q Adaptor

    Required when mounting the Smokai Smokai Smoke Generator to your Weber Q.  Please read here for further details.


    Hooded BBQ/Grill Adaptor

    Optional for mounting to the Rotessirie motor bracket of your BBQ/Grill.  Not necessary, but really easy and conventient if this works for your BBQ/Grill.  Note that the hole entering your hood must be at least 20mm in diameter. Please read here for further details.


    Kamado Adaptor

    Required for mounting the Smokai 1_Litre Classic to a Large or XL Kamado Grill.  Please read here for further details.

    We invented the modular design of the Smokai Smoke Generator so that the Smoke Generator could be taken apart very easily and quickly to empty ash and thoroughly clean each and every component.  Once cleaned, the Smoke Generator can be reassembled in seconds.


    Your Smokai Smoke Generator needs to be cleaned from time to time.The best way to do this is to use detergent in warm water with a bottle brush. If a deep clean is required, we recommend that you use oven cleaner.  You will need to wash the Smoke Generator thoroughly afterwards.

    There are a number of reasons why this may be happening:


    1. Your smoking chamber becomes very hot but does not have enough airflow.  The laws of physics dictate that pressure will build up inside your smoking chamber.  This is one reason why good air flow is a requirement of any decent smoker.  Without it, the air and smoke within the chamber has nowhere to go and the building pressure pushes back against the Smoke Generator's smoke outlet tube.   If you're using a gas grill, you can prop the lid up slightly - some smoke escaping is a good thing.
    2. You maybe using the incorrect sized woodchip or your wood pellets are not 100% flavourwood (ie, they have additives for flavouring).  
    3. You have soaked your woodchip prior to use.  Your woodchip must be dry.
    4. Your woodchip/pellets are getting 'hung up' in the hopper.  This can happen from time to time and can be caused by a number of factors.  If you think this is happening, tap the side of the hopper gently with any implement and the wood will fall to the burn at the base of the hopper.  
    5. Your hose tail which connects the air tube to the Smoke Generator is partially blocked.
    6. Your air tube between the pump and the Smoke Generator is partially blocked.
    7. The pump maybe ‘inhaling smoke’ from the surrounding air. It is important that the pump is sucking in clean air.


    No, you cannot use fine wood dust in your Smoke Generator. 


    All Smokai Smoke Generators operate using a venturi effect, so fine dust will smother the venturi and therefore the burn within the hopper.

    We recommend that only 100% flavourwood pellets are used.  These are wood pellets that are 100% natural varietal hardwood.  For example, Hickory is 100% hickory wood, maple is 100% maplewood, etc. Many brands of pellets, such as Traeger, use one variety of hardwood (generally the least expense that can be sourced) and then use flavourings to add different wood flavours.  This flavouring causes the pellets to be 'sticky' and should not be used in your Smokai Smoke Generator.

    The cost of shipping woodchip internationally compared to the price we charge for our wood products would make it very costly.  On top of this, many border authorities around the world do not allow wood products to enter their respective country without fumigation.  This would not only destroy the product for its intended purpose, but would hold up the delivery of other products in the consignment.  

    There are many suppliers of suitable woodchip in your market, so sourcing a suitable chip or hardwood BBQ pellets locally will not be an issue for you. 

    Only hardwood species should be used for smoking food.  


    Wood chip for use in your Smoke Generator should be between 2-10mm in size, sieved to be free from dust and kiln dried.   This wood chip is commonly available in retail stores and comes in a range of varieties. 


    The following should not be used whatsoever in your Smoke Generator:

    • Wood chip larger than 10mm in size
    • Wood chunks
    • Wet/soaked wood chip
    • Fine sawdust
    • Softwood such as pine, etc
    • Wood chip from chainsaws or other machinery where the wood chip can be contaminated by oils, grease, etc.

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