We've made it easy for you to turn your Weber® Family Q Gas Barbeque into a serious smoker.

With either of these Kits, you can use your Weber® Family Q to cold smoke as well as hot smoke your you hard earned catch or game.  This setup provides you with the benefits that you would expect from a dedicated smoker, including. 

  • Control of the temperature through the Weber Q.
  • Control of the smoke volume.
  • A consistent quality of fresh wood fired smoke.
  • Sufficient airflow around the food from the unique Weber Q convection design.


With the Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator your outdoor cooker will take on a whole new level of practicality.


  • The Smokai® Quick-Mount adaptor for Weber Q enabling the Smokai® Smoke Generator to be attached / detached with ease.
  • Compatible with the Smokai 1/2L and 1L Smoke Generators only.
  • For mounting to Weber® models Q300, 305, 320, 3100, 3200, 3600 only
  • The side tray of your Weber® must be removed during Smoke Generator operation.