All of our Smoke Generators feature the Smokai-Modular-System™, which incorporates a built in mount that makes it easy to attach the Smoke Generator to your setup.

You can also use one of our Quick-Mount™ adaptors if you're mounting to your grill.


Sourcing only the finest smoking wood is what we do. Because that’s a proven recipe for creating quality smoke and legendary flavour.

•          Premium, 100% all-natural hardwood

•          Sourced from renewable sources

•          Cut from fresh, de-barked logs

•          Kiln dried to a super low moisture content

•          Resealable bag to retain quality

Smokai Wood Products are only available for shipping in New Zealand


Beef, ox, buffalo have been smoked and dried over many centuries by a variety of cultures, both for preservation and flavour.  Jerky and Biltong are just two of such examples.  The smoking duration and wood flavour is a matter of personal preference. 


Recipe by Smokai
Recipe by Smokai


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