Smokai was started in New Zealand by a couple good mates, Tony Parton and Roger Randle (not the ex All Black rugby player). We're fishermen, hunters, gatherers, foodies, inventors and business people with integrity.  

We believe that the hard yards that blokes put in on the water, in the hills, or just walking to the store and back, should be rewarded.  Rewarded by crafting the raw ingredient into quality smoked food with a legendary flavour that will be really enjoyed, remembered or even bragged about.

Smokai is about providing you with the right tools, woods and resources for you to produce legendary results when cold or hot smoking your hard fought fish, game or meat you've bought from the butcher.

The products we currently offer are just the start and we'll add more of them over time.

When it comes to our Smoke Generators, we do everything ourselves from start to finish here in New Zealand.  The result is greater innovation, accountability, direct relationships and superior quality.  We do whatever it takes to make the best Smoke Generators possible in New Zealand for our Customers around the world.  

We're also serious about supplying the very best Smoking Wood to our New Zealand Customers:

  • We carefully select only the very best woods from the most reputable smoking wood manufacturers in New Zealand and the United States.
  • We make sure that the journey from the tree to the smoker is as short as possible because we believe fresh, properly dehydrated smoking wood really does make a difference - we source all our wood in small batches and our bags are resealable meaning you can keep it fresher for longer.
  • It all starts with flavour - we strive to offer one of the largest ranges of high quality Smoking Woods in New Zealand.

Sharing skills and knowledge is also important.  After all, this is how we develop an understanding of the craft, knowledge to pass down through the generations.  If you're new to smoking food, our training section is there to get you started.  We've also put together a recipe section to share some great ideas for smoking fish, meats, cheese and even a vegetable or two.  We also recommend some great wood flavours to go with them.  

We're a bit obsessed about quality.  Compare our products and you'll see what we mean.  After all, legendary flavour begins with a quality smoke.   


Wherever possible, we try to source and keep it local.  This means we can offer you consistently high quality products and total reliability of supply and service, irrespective of where you are in the world.

We like to work with fishermen, butchers and other small goods businesses that value the craft, legendary flavour and enjoy what they do.  If you're interested in having a chat about Smokai wholesale, or you are interested in becoming a Smokai distributor in your country, email sales@smokai.com